Unit tasks:
1- Managing all administrative units in the college administratively, except for the duties of the Dean / supervising and administratively
2- The link between the college and the university presidency in administrative matters (appointment, directives, transfer, delegations, promotion allowance and long vacations), addressing the university presidency, legal and administrative inquiries, attending meetings held by the presidency, transferring directives and ministerial instructions and other miscellaneous topics.
1- Supervising the administrative work of the administrative units and the progress of administrative work.
2- Issuing administrative orders
3- Directing the human resources unit and the file unit to issue administrative orders for teachers and employees
4- The work of scientific structures for each academic year in coordination with the scientific departments
5- Supervising the services unit and following up on the work of its employees, their rights and duties
6- Instructing and supervising the progress of books issued and incoming to the college
7- Coordination with the office of the Dean, the administrative assistant and the scientific assistant to follow up on the notes and mail
8- Other administrative matters