Audit unit tasks:
 It is the financial control so that no amount is disbursed unless the method of the exchange mechanism is checked, as well as making sure and controlling the change by implementing the instructions of the federal budget for each fiscal year and making sure that there is no excess in financial allocations during the exchange and it is only done with official written approval. In the event of a disbursement contrary to the instructions, the auditor must prove his opinion on the disbursement note in writing for the purpose of informing the matter of disbursement before the disbursement. And in coordination with Mr. Dean to serve the public interest.

Unit duties:
1- Conducting an audit of feeding and posting to records (general journal record, trust record, revenue record, fund journal record, and payroll records)
2- Checking the conformity of the bank statement
3- Checking the collection of the trial balance and matching it with the records
4- Stamping the receipts enhancing exchange
5- Emphasis on avoiding scratching and writing off and the use of white ink in records, exchange documents and daily restrictions
6- Inventory the fund periodically by the internal auditor and ensure the correctness of the arrest, disbursement, deposit and cash assets
7- Checking the calculation of the teaching lectures for each academic year, the initial and senior academic lectures and supervision
8- Checking salaries and comparing them with the orders issued for appointment, promotion, bonus or retirement, according to the instructions.
9- Checking the allowances granted and ensuring that the entitlement is correct
10- Salary audit for cases in which a salary adjustment or grant is issued, and to refer to priorities
11- Follow up on salary and wage deductions and send them without delay to the beneficiaries
12- Follow up on the due date for disbursing the allowances according to the laws issued in accordance with them, whether they are from the date of the issue of the order or from the date of maturity or assignment.
13- Checking marital establishment forms, as well as forms for births that take place during the year
14- Checking treasury records, warehouse entry and exit vouchers, and purchased materials, entering and leaving the store
15- Auditing the library and free education, following up the inventory in accordance with the instructions, following up on matching with records, and investigating differences
16- Follow up on the implementation of budget instructions and ensure that there are powers to purchase and make sure that there is an allocation on the materials to be purchased or repair and maintenance operations on devices, equipment, machinery and cars, as well as taking into account the obligation to submit offers in purchase cases that require that and within the powers.