Brief, mission, and goals of the Department of Dramatic Art

Department of theater
The department aims to spread culture and knowledge of theatrical arts and study them scientifically in order to achieve a rise in the intellectual level in addition to the numbers of intermediate cadres in acting and directing, authoring and writing for theater, and studying theatrical techniques as a scientific study that leads to an increase in the technical and technical level in the field of specialization and knowledge of the history of theater literature.
Behavioral goals:
(to know the student after graduating)
1- Knowing and practicing the art of acting.
2- Knowing and practicing the art of directing.
3- Using different performing arts techniques (lighting, decoration, make-up, costumes)


the message

The Department of Performing Arts seeks to present theatrical works that adopt people’s concerns and aspirations, and works in a scientific way to create advanced curricula that keep pace with the knowledge growth of the global theater movement at its various levels, and strive to create a cultural system in which both artistic and scientific are united, leading to creating an effective relationship between the scientific institution and society

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The Department of Performing Arts works with continuous efforts to urge and train students to highlight the student’s multiple skills and try to direct them in the correct scientific direction, as well as trying to reach the development of curricula so that it keeps pace with the great development in the means and techniques of performing arts and developing curricula with the nature of global development, especially modern technologies in practical application and training of students on them Knowing its skills, as well as the continuous work to develop the general theatrical taste by preparing a promising generation of students who carry the elements of theatrical work, in addition to mastering all the details of this ancient art, as well as urging students to participate in theatrical works inside and outside Iraq.