Synopsis, mission and goals of the Department of Musical Arts


Music is food for the soul, especially if it is calm, classical music that does not suggest any inconveniences, whims, noise and boredom. Music is also said to stem from the individual’s soul and conscience and reflect his psychological, life and social reality and express his hopes and ambitions.
Learning music often suits people with artistic taste, talents and beautiful voices. They are usually characterized by artistic expression of ideas and express their emotions quickly, and they have a desire for isolation and independence at work. This learning falls within the Faculty of Musical Arts, and musicology is defined as the science that studies music at the academic level. It has different fields, starting with the narrow field that depends on the study of the history of music in cultures, passing through its middle field, which includes all related cultures and the set of musical traditions and forms, and ending with the broad field that includes all disciplines related to music in all cultures where research is conducted on many levels and is The student is able to specialize in the area that is in his interest and expresses his talent.
Musical arts major
The study of music and the various types of cultural arts is not just a hobby or a result of follow-up. It is a science with its origins that is based on a purely study within the faculties in various universities. There are many academic subjects that are taught in this specialization, and these topics may be mixed with other fields of art.


The vision of the Department of Musical Arts at the College of Fine Arts stems from the generalization of artistic aesthetic taste by paying attention to clarifying aesthetic and philosophical concepts not only for the student, but for the musical press and cultural programs that care about the artistic culture of the community.
the message
The department’s mission lies in providing the artistic musical culture in the Iraqi society with conscious musical generations that elevate that culture through the musical upbringing of its students and attention to outputs characterized by the skill side (playing) and the theoretical side (research) to benefit the various state institutions that care about this aspect

Department goals:
The most important goals that the department aspires to achieve can be summarized according to the educational process for studying music and in compliance with the general objectives of the college in studying the international curriculum for arts and transferring those sciences to the country.
On this basis, the main objectives of the department are as follows:
The department is moving towards two main directions in its objectives. The first direction is to study international systematic music, similar to music colleges in various countries of the world, within the vocabulary and curricula specified for that.
As for the second trend, it is concerned with the study of Arabic music (within its original or classical concept) and its most important variables, artistic foundations, and peculiarities as it is known in the past and at present.
 The department aims to provide musical education to its students