continuous education

Continuing Education Unit

It is a unit linked to the scientific assistant that offers multiple activities aimed at developing the employee and the student in the field of work and study and raising the level of the employee to be promoted to occupy a higher position in line with the development in technology and the acquisition of administrative and scientific skills for the employee and the student alike

Continuing Education Plan

The Continuing Education Unit in our college seeks to open a high-quality channel in the field of training and continuing education at the university level and even at the level of individuals.

Target audience

The unit is in future plans aimed at cooperating with the governmental and private sectors to train and develop their members. In addition, the unit places among its priorities providing everything that individuals need in the event that there is a sufficient number to complete the specialized courses in art and art education.


Achieving excellence in community service and continuing education.

the message

Contribute to providing an educational and academic environment that cares for all members of society by investing all available capabilities.


Strengthening the link between the university and the community and its institutions.

Expansion of the university's affiliate base (programs directed to developing their abilities).

Suggesting programs in coordination with other colleges.

Opening the way for faculty members to serve the community.