About Student Affairs

1- Receiving students applying for direct admission and checking their files according to the ministerial instructions received for that year.
2- Refer students' files to examination committees that have been approved by the College Board, each according to the scientific department to which he wishes to apply.
3- Receiving the admission minutes after being approved by the College Board and referring them to the Student Affairs Department at the university for referral to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Central Admission after checking them.
4- Receiving the accepted students, each according to his admission channel and their scientific departments, after receiving admission orders from the ministry.
5- Follow up on students ’absences and their orders.
6- Completing the work of the IDs and badges for new students.
7- Providing all students with the support for continuing studies and sick cases.

8- Providing graduate students with graduation documents and graduation confirmation.
9- Follow up on university orders.
10- Answer all official books on student affairs.
11- Answer all the health books for graduates.
12- Follow up on the validity of the documents issued by the accepted students.
13- Keeping the files for accepted students.
14- Keeping the files for graduate students.
15- Follow up on the Ministry’s decisions and work to implement them.
16- Issuing administrative orders for students.
17- Archiving data and creating databases for graduate students.
18- Follow-up on the student affairs website and respond to all inquiries.
19- Student registration of the various stages annually.
20- Follow-up with all scientific departments and distribute specialization forms in the second phase.