Synopsis, mission and goals of the Fine Arts Department


Fine Arts Department

General goals

The department aims to graduate technical cadres specialized in the fields of painting, sculpture, and ceramics.
Preparing researchers and scholars specialized in the fields of arts and its philosophy.
The department achieves its objectives by teaching subjects in the following aspects:

General culture - its subjects: freedom and democracy, human rights, the Arabic language

Specialized Culture - =: Art History, AestheticsSkill aptitude - = : All practical subjects

Behavioral goals:

(to know the student after graduating)

Drawing arts, technical skills and techniques (to be a painter).
To know the history of his specialization, the stages of his development and the life of the most famous painters globally, Arab and country
To be fluent in sculptural arts, skills and techniques (to be a sculptor).
To be familiar with all the developments and types of sculpture through the ages.
He should be proficient in making ceramics and his technical skills such as pottery, glazing, mixing chemical materials, and all that is related to this art. And to know the stages of development of his specialization. (to be a potter)


Vision :

The Department of Plastic Arts seeks to raise the scientific and academic level of students by keeping pace with advanced teaching methods that achieve scientific and academic progress, as well as for the teaching staff by holding seminars and conferences and urging them to write scientific research.

the message :

Preparing students with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in various specializations and preparing a generation of specialists that contribute to raising societal cultural awareness and providing state institutions with research, studies, and technical and academic consultations.