Fourth stage projects, Department of Fine Arts

The name of the student
Supervisor search title
1 Jawad Abdel-Kazim Abdel-Abbas Children’s imagination in the works of Hamed Saeed Prof.Dr. bloom inside
2 Alaa Khudair Abbas Technical synthesis in the formation of postmodernism
3 Eman Issa symbolic expressionism in the works of Osama Hamdi.
4 Boys Abdullah, the intellectual and aesthetic dimensions in the paintings of Rafie Al-Nasiri

1 Esraa Jaber Khalil, the formal structure in the works of the Basra potters, Prof. Dr. Rola Abdel Ilah
2 Jinan Abdullah Numan, the effectiveness of color in contemporary international ceramics
3 Zahraa Ihsan Ali Rafal Asaad Ka Al-Tanas in Contemporary Iraqi Ceramics
4 Rafal Asaad Kamel, representations of the symbol in contemporary Iraqi ceramics

1 Esraa Nofal Sultan, Elements of Design in Contemporary Iraqi Painting A. Dr. Aqil Saleh Faisal
2 Rana Ahmed Kamel, references to geometric formations in contemporary Iraqi painting
3 Walaa Farazdaq Majid: Representations of the local environment in the work of Basra artists
4 Manar Majid Muhammad, the technique of color in the work of the visual artist, Raed Hassan

1 Ahmed Hussain Hashem Abstract Appearances in Henry's Sculptures
 Moore A.D. Mohsen Ali
2 Batoul Abdel Razzaq Mazal The Surrealism and Its Presence in the Portugiacomite Sculptures

1 Zainab Abdul-Wahed Kazem Interferences of linear and chromatic perspectives to represent
 The city in contemporary Iraqi painting. Farid Khaled
2 Karar Adel Karbam, the aesthetics of childhood representation in contemporary Iraqi painting

1 Reyam Khairy Habib The stylistic diversity in the work of the artist Ali Al-Najjar md. Alaa Ali
2 Fatima Younes on the techniques of experimentation in the work of the artist Sirwan Baran
Zahraa Azhar Muasher Adopting the psychology of colors for graphic art
Virgin Sadiq inflated realism in the artist's work
Mahmoud Fahmy

1 Hussein Nasser Mohsen, Techniques of Sculpting in Contemporary Iraqi Sculpture, a, d. Bahaa Abdel Hussein

1 Fatima Hassan Majid Al-Tukween in the works of Faisal Laibi, Prof. Ali Sharif
2 Fatima Amjad Yaqoub, the impressionist school and its representations in works
 Artist Khaled Al-Jader
3 The news of Anwar Hashem, the aesthetics of heritage in the works of the artist Hassan
Abd Alwan
4 Fatima Hassan Salman The aesthetics of emotional movement in the drawings of the artist Delacroix

1 Mays Hassan, the chromatic connotations in contemporary Iraqi sculptural ceramics, Dr. Rana Dahi
2 Maryam Mortada: The problematic of composition in contemporary European ceramics - a philosophical study
3 Malik Mohsen The aesthetics of spherical formation in contemporary Iraqi ceramics
4 Qasim Odeh Al-Rafidian Discourse in Contemporary Iraqi Formation

1 Hussein Thaer Ali employing decorative elements in the miniatures of the artist Yahya bin Mahmoud Al-Wasiti, d. Nawras Adnan
2 Dania Mahdi Arar, representations of folklore in contemporary Iraqi painting

1 The well-being of Muhammad Al-Cubism at Mondrian Prof. Dr. Ban Muhammad Ali
2 Rehab in the name of the aesthetics of the formal diversity of Van Gogh
3 A pioneer in the name of the aesthetics of nomadism at Faiq Hassan