Theses and messages, Department of Music

Research name Journal name Publication year

1- Salem Allun Chalabi's poetry, technical and objective study (Master's thesis) 2000
2- The Child’s Theater of Jabbar Sabri Al-Attiyah (critical study) Basra Arts Journal 2008
3- The poetry of Mustafa Jamal al-Din (a linguistic and artistic study) Basra Literature Journal 2008
4- The concept of metaphor between the ancients and the moderns, Journal of the College of Education 2009
5- The play in modern Iraqi literature (Basra by choice) (PhD thesis) 2012
6- Genealogy of Deconstruction Dhi Qar Literatures Magazine 2014
7- The Unfamiliar Place in Mahmoud Al-Braikan’s Poetry, Basra Adab Magazine 2015
8- The place in the modern Iraqi theatrical text, Basra Arts Magazine 2020
9- Parallel text in the Iraqi play (Hello-Sat) as an option, an international conference 2021