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Film and TV workshops
Workshop History Notes
1 Scenario workshop (How to convert international plays into short film scenarios) 19-23/2/2021 A group of researchers
2 Film acting - exercises and prospects 5-9/4/2021 A group of researchers and actors coinciding with the Qumra Film Festival
3 Film and TV makeup workshop 2-4/5/2021 A group of researchers from the Islamic Republic of Iran
4 Film Direction Workshop 5-9/4/2020 A group of researchers and actors invited to the Qumra Film Festival
5 Photography workshop 22-25/5/2021 in cooperation with the Iraqi Photographers Association
v Festival History Notes
1 Festival of Audiovisual Arts Department 1 - 3 / 3 / 2021
2 Student Film Festival in Unfinished Stages 4/15/2021