Basra University organizes an exhibition documenting the crimes of genocide against the Yazidis

The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Basra, Department of Plastic Arts, organized a plastic exhibition documenting the crimes of genocide against the Yazidis in the Great Exhibition Hall at the College, which was opened by the assistant to the president of the University for scientific affairs, professor Dr. Ali Hussein Rashk, accompanied by the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Professor Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul Thabet al-Baydani and the dean's scientific and administrative assistants in the presence of a large academic official.
The exhibition aims to embody the crimes committed against the Yazidi component and other components of the killing of men, the captivity of women and children, the theft of public and private property and the destruction of infrastructure in a crime that was a witness to the actions of the terrorist organization, as well as the exhibition contained many works of art that support the Palestinian people and its cause with the brutal occupation.
The exhibition included more than 30 works of art executed in oil colors with a realistic and abstract spirit under the supervision of the head of the Department of plastic arts M.Dr. Raed Hassan Shri.
Media division of the Faculty of Fine Arts