The Department of musical arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts holds the central honoring ceremony for the first students for the academic year 2022-2023

Under the patronage of the president of the University of Basra, professor Dr. Saad Shaheen Hammadi and the supervision of the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, assistant professor Dr. Ali Abdullah al-Kanani, and within the activities of the Annual Scientific seasons of the Faculty of musical arts, the Department organized a ceremony to honor the first students of all academic stages in the presence of the dean's assistants for Scientific Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Maher
The ceremony included the playing of the national anthem and the recitation of any of the wise dhikr and then the reading of the Fatiha Surah, after which a number of teachers presented their words to congratulate their distinguished students who continued the effort and persevered to attend the lesson in order to make the most of the teachers ' giving .the professors of the department who received scientific promotions were also honored, which advancement and scientific development.The ceremony also witnessed the honoring of the first students with certificates of appreciation The concert was concluded with a welcome by the teaching staff and the attendees to the students of the first stage in the Department of musical arts.


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